Team - Luís Crisóstomo, M.Sc.

Luís Crisóstomo, M.Sc.

Luís Crisóstomo, M.Sc.

PhD Student, Laboratory Researcher, Media Office Board

ORCIDiD icon0000-0002-9563-6364
Current position(s): PhD Student, Media Office Board
Research group: Biology and Genetics of Reproduction

Academic degrees
  • BSc in Biomedical Sciences – University of Beira Interior (2011)
  • MSc in Biomedical Sciences – University of Beira Interior (2013)
Selected publications
  1. Crisóstomo L, Videira RA, Jarak I, Starčević K, Mašek T, Rato LP, Raposo JF, Batterham RL, Oliveira PF, Alves MG (2020) Diet during early life defines testicular lipid content and sperm quality in adulthood. American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology & Metabolism 319: E1061–E1073. doi:10.1152/ajpendo.00235.2020
  2. Crisóstomo L, Rato L, Jarak I, Silva BM, Raposo JF, Batterham RL, Oliveira PF, Alves MG (2019) A switch from high-fat to normal diet does not restore sperm quality but prevents metabolic syndrome. Reproduction 158(4), 377–387. doi: 10.1530/REP-19-0259
  3. Pereira SC*, Crisóstomo L*, Sousa M, Oliveira PF, Alves MG (2020) Metabolic diseases affect male reproduction and induce signatures in gametes that may compromise the offspring health. Environmental Epigenetics, 6. doi:10.1093/eep/dvaa019
  4. Crisóstomo L, Alves MG, Gorga A, Sousa M, Riera MF, Galardo MN, Meroni SB, Oliveira PF (2018) Molecular mechanisms and signalling pathways involved in the nutritional support of spermatogenesis by Sertoli cells. In: Alves MG, Oliveira PF (eds) Sertoli cells – Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1748, 1 edn. Humana Press, pp 129-155. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-7698-0
  5. Crisóstomo L, Pereira SC, Monteiro MP, Raposo JF, Oliveira PF, Alves MG (2020) Lifestyle, metabolic disorders and male hypogonadism – A one-way ticket? Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 110945. doi: 10.1016/j.mce.2020.110945
Ongoing projects

FCT, SFRH/BD/128584/2017. Paternally-induced transgenerational effects of high fat diets [PhD Project]. Supervisor: Marco Alves, PhD. Co-supervisors: João F. Raposo, MD, PhD; Mário Sousa, MD, PhD.

Prizes, honors, awards
  • 2020 – Fellowship to participate at the 20th FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum (1-4 July 2020, Lovran, Croatia) and at the 45th FEBS congress (4-9 July 2020, Ljubljana, Slovenia).
  • 2019 – Best Poster presentation at the 2nd Meeting of the 3rd Cycle in Biomedical Sciences of ICBAS-UP, 20th December 2019, Porto, Portugal.
  • 2019 – Conference Grant , by the COST Action MitoEAGLE (CA15203), for attending the MiP 2019/MitoEAGLE Conference, 13-16 October 2019, at the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.
  • 2019 – Albert Renold Travel Fellowship Grant, by the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes, Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • 2018 – Trainee grant (Ref.: ECOST-TRAINING_SCHOOL-CA15203-211018-099045) for the MiPschool Tromsø-Bergen, 20-24 October, Hurtigruten: Tromsø – Bergen, Norway.
  • 2018 – ICDM Travel Grant for the ICDM 2018 Congress, 11-13 October, Grand Hilton Hotel, Seoul, South Korea.
  • 2018 – FEBS Congress Grant, the 43rd FEBS Congress, 7-12 July 2018, Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • 2018 – Best Poster in Fundamental Research, “High-fat diets compromise male fertility which is not recovered by diet reversion”, the 14th Portuguese Congress of Diabetes, 9-11 March 2018, Hotel Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, Vilamoura, Portugal.
  • 2017 – ITC Conference Grant (COST-ITCCG-CA15203-103), by the COST Action MitoEAGLE (CA15203), for attending the MiP 2017/MitoEAGLE Conference, 15-18 November 2017, at the Charles University – Faculty of Medicine, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic.
  • 2017 – 4-year PhD fellowship (SFRH/BD/128584/2017), in the field of Clinical Medicine and Health Sciences by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).
  • 2017 – MiPschool 2017 MITOEAGLE and MITOEAGLE workshop extended scholarship, for the 10th MiPschool and MITOEAGLE workshop, 23-30 July 2017, Universitätszentrum Obergurgl, Obergurgl Austria.
  • 2017 – Grant “Nuno Castel-Branco” from Portuguese Society of Diabetology (SPD).
  • 2013 – 3rd Prize – Best free presentation: training category, “Expression of Endogenous Antioxidants throughout a Sport Season”, the XXXVI APTN Technical-Scientific Congress, Guimarães, Portugal, 29-30 April 2013.
International collaborations
  • Noora Kotaja, PhD; University of Turku.
  • Rachel Batterham, MD, PhD; University College Medical School.