U.Porto Data Protection Policy

The University of Porto is a public foundation regulated by private law, whose mission includes the production of scientific, cultural and artistic knowledge, higher education strongly anchored in research, the social and economic valorisation of knowledge, and active participation in the progress of the communities to which it belongs. To best achieve these goals and to comply with all the requirements imposed on us as a public higher education institution, we will need to process some of your personal data.

You will find more information on this subject here.

UMIB may use cookies to memorise the data you use when logging to website, gather statistics to optimise the functionality of the website and to carry out marketing campaigns based on your interests.

Only necessary Cookies These cookies are essential to provide services available on our website and to enable you to use certain features on our website. Without these cookies, we cannot provide certain services on our website.

Functionality cookies These cookies are used to provide you with a more personalized experience on our website and to remember the choices you make when using our website. For example, we may use functionality cookies to remember your language preferences and/or your login details.

Measuring and performance cookies These cookies are used to collect information to analyze traffic on our website and understand how visitors are using our website. For example, these cookies can measure factors such as time spent on the site or pages visited, this will allow us to understand how we can improve our site for users. The information collected through these measurement and performance cookies does not identify any individual visitor.