About UMIB

Welcome to UMIB!

UMIB is a research unit dedicated to clinical medicine based at a Medical School, the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar of University of Porto and its University Hospital, Centro Hospitalar do Porto.

UMIB researchers are devoted to study diseases with considerable impact for human health, based on the high prevalence, morbidity or mortality, but also to rare diseases whose clinical management involves specific levels of expertise and research programs require the multidisciplinary skills of an academic excellence centre. UMIB research focus and interests are in continuous progress as these are triggered by the need to find real answers to questions arising from clinical practice. Innovative solutions arise from the close collaboration of multidisciplinary teams spanning from basic molecular researchers to clinical scientists that allow an efficient implementation of translational research protocols taking advantage of the accessibly to robust patient data and cutting-edge laboratory resources.

UMIB research fields interactions
UMIB integrates 9 research groups in 4 research pillars