Four decades ago, at the dawn of the democratic revolution in Portugal, a new Medical School was founded at the University of Porto, the so-called Institute for the Biomedical Sciences “Abel Salazar” (ICBAS), with the novelty of all its Faculty Professors having a solid record of published original research.

A decade later, one of the founding fathers of ICBAS, Nuno Grande, MD, PhD, created UMIB to promote joint efforts between basic scientists of ICBAS and clinical researchers of the University Hospital that is affiliated with ICBAS (Hospital de Santo António). Two younger professors of ICBAS (António Sousa Pereira and Paulo Correia de Sá) followed Nuno Grande in the management of UMIB.

In 2013, Mariana P. Monteiro, MD, PhD, was elected as the new Scientific Coordinator of UMIB. Her election represents a change in generation and has brought major reforms in the organization of UMIB. The leadership of Mariana Monteiro aims at enhancing the scientific output of UMIB by fostering new collaborative endeavors among the different groups of UMIB and by devoting UMIB’s energy to translational research.

Artur P. Águas, MD, PhD