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João Araújo Correia was elected Honorary Fellow of the American College of Physicians

João Araújo Correia, MD of the Autoimmunity & Neurosciences research group of UMIB, and President of the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina Interna, was elected Honorary Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

The ceremony was held during the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians (ACP), on the 11th April 2019, in Philadelphia, United States of America.

The Honour is granted to internist physicians who stood out in this medical speciality, internationally.

The 2019 ACP meeting counted in more than 8000 participants, and it was held under the subtitle “100 Years of Education” and the major slogan “I am proud to be an Internist”. One of the themes discussed during this edition was the importance of the physician’s wellbeing in order to achieve better outcomes for the patient, thus the need to tackle burnout in health professionals.

The ACP was founded in 1915, and it is the largest medical speciality organization in the United States

Further details about the election outcome and process are available at NewsPharma (original source):

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